Where My Home Is



They said it’s where the Heart is,
But I know it’s where memories are,
It’s where secrets are kept.
And where you’ve been happiest,
Yet wept.

Home is where your parents live,
It’s where you were raised.
Home is where you’ve been scolded most,
Yet home is where you’ve first received praise.

Home is where you make it,
It’s where you believe the myth,
That home is when you’re happy,
Just to love the ones you’re with

It’s the reason we found to leave it,
Only to learn that it’s where truly lived it.

11:45 PM
Soekarno Hatta International Airport
Jakarta, Indonesia


Of Dads And Illness

This is a beautiful book that tells the story of Pete, a boy whose dad once used to run and swing him around like dads do. . . only now his dad is barely able to walk — much less play or rough-house with him. Pete is feeling hurt and even angry. He’s confused about why this is happening.

But Pete’s dad assures him that even though he can’t wrestle with him the way he used to, or run and throw a ball, he is and always will be Pete’s dad.

The Helping Kids Heal series by Zondervan is specifically designed to help children cope with some of the difficult issues in life by letting them know that God is with them always.

At the end of each book R. Scott Stehower, Ph.D., professor of psychology, Calvin College, and clinical psychologist, provides suggestions for parents and caregivers of hurting children. Recommended for ages 4 to 8.

Our Father Who Art In Earth

Sometimes we hate them, we argue with them, we admire them, we loathe them, we are inspired by them, we wished we were them, and we end up like them … but, no matter what happens, we will always love them … Fathers.


A Father’s Lesson: A Taste of Banzo’s Sword

A Father’s Everlasting Gift
By N Mark Castro

This story is narrated in the book ‘Autumn Lightning’ in the context of ‘zanshin’ – constant peripheral awareness, concentration and attention at all times – ‘continuing mind.’

A glossary of some terms used in the story:

Yagyu – a family famous for sword warriors and a school to teach swordsmanship.
Bugeisha – practitioners of the bugei, the martial crafts/skills.
Dojo – a class; a teaching environment
Kenjutsu – art of sword; sword craft
Sake – an alcoholic brew made from rice.
Hakama – an overcoat

Legend has it that Matajuro was born into the Yagyu family after their clan had already gained a reputation as talented bugeisha.

As a boy, his interest in the art of the blade was encouraged. He proved to be a promising, but lazy pupil, in danger of never realizing the limits of his potential. In an attempt to shake him from his lethargy, his father banished him from the dojo. Continue reading

Death in a Teacup

Sandwich Generation
By N Mark Castro

My father’s health has deteriorated and he’s currently in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in the Mountain Province of the Philippines, where he and his wife were supposed to be on a holiday leading to the celebration of their wedding anniversary.

Prior to that, he’s been missing out on his medications and has refused for the longest time to undergo dialysis treatment.

To say that he’s stubborn is an understatement.

And now there he is, laying in a hospital bed somewhere, in a city away from his friends and relatives, undergoing dialysis treatment 3x a week, with various medications. He continues to refused to take his medicine and has lost his appetite for food.

Continue reading


He never flew, yet he soared
He often roared, and seemed so cold
He never looked old, until I’ve been told
He’s sick and weak
And it’s no trick;

I always thought he was super strong,
I was wrong
He’s mortal, like you and I
And I’m afraid to say goodbye

He never said, he loved us all
Yet he never let any of us fall
Because it was a time when words weren’t spoken
Only actions taken and vows never broken

He was a quiet man, much like his era
And that time’s all but gone
And his work almost done

If he can’t say the words I love you
I’m down with that,
Because everything he did
Was so we would never need

He was a great provider
Of things that mattered
And that’s what made him
Such a great father.

For My Dad
11:16 PM
Jakarta, Indonesia

It Takes A Village: Educating Peter, Educating The World

Picture the most undesirable human being you could ever spend time with, day in and day out, who cannot understand the world the way you do … and then learn from that child.


This school deserves more funding.

This teacher deserves sainthood …

The rest of his classmates deserve the real Nobel Peace Prize.

20 years ago and not a second has changed on its relevance and the need to do more. I just hope that my son EJ would have the same classmates as Peter had.