Almost Famous

SHHHIdentity withheld to protect the innocent … and the guilty.


Why am I being anonymous?

Is it because I’m really the International Man of Mystery?

Nope, I’m a writer.

I don’t mind fame although I prefer fortune. And I do want to be “discovered” and have my blog turned into a global best-seller and quit my day job. I want my book to become a sitcom, then a movie, then become an International Man of Mystery.

But not at the expense of my child.

I talk about things that are funny and meaningful in my journey into fatherhood which, hopefully, other dudes can find some inspiration. The fact that the stories and ideas are real makes them honest, funny and more heartfelt.  But I’m also well aware of the damage that can be caused when anything potentially embarrassing online can be linked to a specific child — now or in the future.

I have no problem creating laughs at my own expense and often get into such myself, but my boys are a different story.

One day, not long from now, my sons will know about this blog. We will talk about many of the posts and let them read some.  I would ask their permissions when they say something and if I could quote it.  I will withhold posting things that would make them uncomfortable.

I will do everything I can to remain anonymous because kids can be cruel and no humor is worth exposing him to that. Whether or not I  identify myself (and therefore my boys) will be their decision when they’re old enough to make it.

In the meantime, I hope that readers are OK with a nameless, faceless blogger and understand the reasons for it.

If that’s just not good enough, feel free to contact me directly.

Unless you’re a spammer, in which case, get lost; if I was that worried about the size of my, um, manhood or become business partners with the widows of some dead African dictators, I would have called you right up.


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