He never flew, yet he soared
He often roared, and seemed so cold
He never looked old, until I’ve been told
He’s sick and weak
And it’s no trick;

I always thought he was super strong,
I was wrong
He’s mortal, like you and I
And I’m afraid to say goodbye

He never said, he loved us all
Yet he never let any of us fall
Because it was a time when words weren’t spoken
Only actions taken and vows never broken

He was a quiet man, much like his era
And that time’s all but gone
And his work almost done

If he can’t say the words I love you
I’m down with that,
Because everything he did
Was so we would never need

He was a great provider
Of things that mattered
And that’s what made him
Such a great father.

For My Dad
11:16 PM
Jakarta, Indonesia


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