Digital Silence

My online absence yesterday came from the fact that my 4-year old son Neo nearly drowned in the pool.

It’s OK, I’m OK.

He got so excited seeing the pool that he escaped from my clutches and jumped right in to the pool without realizing its depth. He was struggling to keep himself afloat.

Instinctively, I jumped right in and saved him and hugged him and you can picture how very alarmed I was when I realized that all my 3 phones (iPhone, BB Bellagio, and BB 9900) were all in my pocket!

Of course, my phones are all as dead as my cremated father now.

I sat stunned at the swiftness as to how I lost all my phones in one go and had been quiet how much it would take for me to buy all these things, and the horror of retrieving my data and naked pictures of me when Neo came up and asked: “Why are you sad, Dad?”

Me: “All my phones are dead now.”

Neo: “I’m sorry, Dad.” Then he went on to jump into the pool again and enjoy himself with his cousins.

Their nanny quickly sent a message to their mother and reported the whole thing and their mom, in turn, called me right up in a concerned way: “What tragic thing happened?”


Kathy: “And Neo?”

Me: “Oh, him, he nearly drowned.”

At this point their Mom must’ve been wondering why on earth she decided to have her child with me or if it would be more practical for her to just say that Neo has a different father and release from all these responsibilities which she mistakenly thought I could fulfill, but Neo suddenly grabbed the phone and talked to his Mom and excitedly said: “Dad Saved Me, Mama!”

It was a priceless moment, actually.

Except I can’t help but think what kind of a mom their mother is for leaving her children to me.

I swear. Asking her to replace all my phones would be the least she could do to help me feel better.

Because now I’m updating my Facebook Status via the payphone.

As for Neo who was just here right next to me and hugging me is now … wait, where the heck is that little bast….


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