8 Fun Things To Do This Weekend

You work during the week preparing for your corporate strategies on how to roll out your company’s programs and steer it to the right direction. You meet your KPIs (Key Performance Index) and manage the timelines.

Sounds all good.

Then the weekend comes and you’re as clueless as a deer.

Worry not.

Here are some 8 Fun Things To Do This Weekend without breaking the bank, right here in Jakarta … or anywhere else you can find it.

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What Dads Need

The Geek Dad's Guide to Weekend Fun

For US $ 11,┬áKen Denmead, engineer and editor of Wired’s GeekDad blog, offers this 240-page tome that’s a collection of geeky projects and activities you can do with your little ones, like launching a video camera with balloons, creating a comic strip, making geeky crafts, and constructing the “Best Slip n’ Slide Ever.”

Just remember: these are projects for you to share with your kids, not for you to tinker with yourself out in the garage.

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