The Biggest Katy Perry Fan

I thought I was Katy’s biggest fan … I was very wrong.

Eva Baker posted this on her YouTube site and, according to reports, Katy Perry tweeted it and offered to babysit at $10 an hour and 4 Oreos.

Way to go Katy and baby. 


Happy Birthday, My Son …


Dear Spidey,

Up until today I’m still trying to figure out why God — in His Infinite Wisdom — has decided to entrust your life upon me.What was He thinking?

Since the day you were born I have no clue whether or not what I’m doing is right. You didn’t come with an instruction manual although I suspect there must be some batteries inside with your endless energy. And your smile and laughter that is as powerful as your whines.

Your presence in my life makes me wonder about my own journey in life and I can guarantee you that nothing I have ever done has given me more joy and rewards than being a father to you!

The day you were born was the happiest and scariest moment of my life. And I think you came out laughing instead of crying.


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